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The Club for business owners who don't wait for things to happen, make them happen

A safe environment where experienced business owners participate in business meetings that combine a Lead Generator System with mastermind and qualified referrals.

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A community that respects and uses its time together efficiently

Mindset Owners Club started from the need to network with other positive business people who make things happen around them and share the same values.

We wanted to make time more efficient, to exchange experiences, share the challenges we have in businesses and offer support to one another in a safe, qualified environment.

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Much more than Business Networking

In the last 15 years, we have organised over 3,000 business meetings and conferences with over 50,000 participants, thus perfecting unique systems of developing relationships and working to promote the community's interests.

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Open Business Meeting

The Open meetings are interactive and participants are often provided with unique business perspectives in an environment that encourages new, strong business relationships.

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Marketing Day

There are online meetings where the focus is on improving and following our communication skills and marketing campaigns.

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Closed Business Meeting

These meetings are exclusively for GOLD Members and, through a complex development process, combine a mastermind system with a qualified referral system.

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Hear what business owners, entrepreneurs and industry leaders have to say about their experiences in the club and the benefits they have received.

I have decided to become a member of the Mindset Owners Club out of the desire to get in touch with the community of entrepreneurs in Romania, but also with the international one. The benefits come from the ideas and concepts discussed within the club and the solutions that may arise to entrepreneurial problems.
Dorin Cristea — Co-founder of Romsoft